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Dental X-rays are an important procedures as they help the dentists to get detailed images of the teeth, the infections as well as any diseases in the surrounding gum tissue that cannot be seen with a simple oral exam. These X-rays also help the dentist to find and treat any oral and dental problems early on, thus saving the patient a lot of discomfort and money too, later in life.

X-rays at La Puente Dental Center is reputed to offer top service and accurate results at very affordable costs.  One will come across a wide range of services here for ensuring a complete oral health care. Oral examinations and dental X-rays offer valuable information to help the dentists evaluate oral health of their patients. The Dental Center boasts of using state of art equipment and following latest innovations in dental industry and cosmetic dentistry for accurate diagnostics and precise results.

The digital X-ray procedures followed at La Puente Dental Center are completely safe and the advanced techniques followed here use 95%  less radiation as compared to the than conventional X-rays. How often you get those x-rays done will of course depend on the medical and dental history of the patient. The X-ray is an image of the teeth, surrounding soft tissues and the bones.  It gives the dentist a clear picture of any problems in the teeth, and the surrounding areas as well as any issue on your mouth.

There are 2 kinds of Dental X-rays and these are intraoral and extraoral.


Intraoral X-rays

This is the most common of X-rays and present significant details to the dentist. The dentists at Moreno Valley Dental Center rely on these x-rays to look for any cavities, check the status of the tooth root and inspect the bone surrounding the tooth. These also provide the condition of developing teeth and the general health of the jawbone and the teeth.

Extraoral X-rays

These X-rays also show teeth but the main focus here is on the jaw and skull. The images here are used to pinpoint any impacted teeth and problems with the jaws. These are not used for identifying problems and cavities with individual teeth. These x-rays are used to locate the problems between the jaws and the teeth.These different kinds of X-rays are important for the dentist so as to help him make accurate diagnosis and give the right treatment to his patients. The ultimate goal is to offer the best treatment to the patients based on these x-rays.
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What a difference it makes having a dentist that sympathizes with their patients. I've always been afraid of the dentist until Dr. Dickey. The whole staff made me feel comfortable. Thanks La Puente Dental Center.
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