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The Pediatric dentists look after the oral health of children right from their infancy through the teen years. These dentists are qualified and trained to care for the child’s teeth, gums and oral hygiene. Children get their teeth during the first 6 months of life and by the time they are 6 or 7 years old, they start losing their baby teeth to be replaced with permanent teeth. It is very essential to see that the child gets regular dental care so as to keep him away from tooth decay and disease that cause lots of discomfort and pain as well as other complications if neglected.

La Puente Dental Center has reputed Pediatric dentists that offer excellent oral health care for infants and children of all ages. These dedicated professionals offer best services to the child so that he enjoys a good oral health as well as keeps his natural and beautiful smile with out any issues. The treatment philosophy at this Dental Center is based on prevention and educating the young patients about the importance of oral hygiene an how to look after their teeth right from an early age.

La Puente Dental Center not only provides excellent oral health facilities for the child but also ensures that the child’s dental visits are easy, comfortable as well as enjoyable. The dedicated and caring professionals here offer your child with the kind of services.

The comprehensive oral care at La Puente Dental Center comprises of

Comprehensive exams with child visits
Growth & development evaluations
Protective sealants and Fluoride treatments
Interceptive orthodontics
Space maintainers
Correcting the Misaligned bite
Pulpotomy or “Baby” root canal
Extractions  and Tooth-colored crowns & fillings
Dietary counseling, Oral hygiene  and Teeth cleanings
Composite “White” Fillings

The Pediatric dentists at La Puente Dental Center also offer special dentistry care needs in children. They offer counseling to parents about Pacifier & thumb sucking, as well as Nursing bottle & sippy cup. The objective is to prevent early childhood caries.

The Pediatric dentists at La Puente use lower dose exposure and high-tech digital X-rays for their younger patients. The digital readouts are available for the parents & children on the TV screen to view. Other aspects too are looked after such as In-office IV sedation, Conscious Sedation, Nitrous oxide and Behavioral Management. You can be assured that here your child is getting the best possible oral health care.

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What a difference it makes having a dentist that sympathizes with their patients. I've always been afraid of the dentist until Dr. Dickey. The whole staff made me feel comfortable. Thanks La Puente Dental Center.
Chrissie Smith