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According to AAO or American Association of Orthodontists, every child should have his first orthodontic appointment by the time he is 7. The theory behind is that  some problems like narrow jaw and cross bites can be treated early as the bones are still growing and the jaws still developing. Any oral dental problem too can be located early on, thus saving lots of discomfort and expenses at later stage. If he child starts the treatment early, he has many more options available too. The best option of course will be discussed during the consultation.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects jaws, teeth and their alignment so that they are positioned properly. Crooked teeth not only look unattractive, it is harder to keep them clean and there is always the risk of losing them to a periodontal disease or tooth decay. The mis-alignment of the jaws and teeth also cause extra stress on the muscles that chew food and the child gets frequent headaches. The benefits of going to an orthodontic is that one gets those alignments sorted out, leading to more pleasing appearance and a healthier mouth. The teeth are easy to clean and will last one a life time, if properly cared for.

Different appliances and techniques are used by orthodontist to cure the oral problems and braces are one of the most effective approaches followed. These are both fixed and removable and affect the growth of the jaws, while retraining the muscles.  Depending upon the severity of the problem, the orthodontist will suggest the treatment. Braces are not just for children but are equally effective for adults too who want to opt for the treatment later in life.

Braces are used for correcting the alignment of the teeth, get a better smile, correct a bite or sort out a jaw problem. Your dentist will discuss the best approach during a consultation for effective results.


There are different kinds of braces.

Metal Braces
Metal braces are now smaller, smoother and more comfortable, thanks to the new developments and advanced technologies. One may feel slight discomfort in the initial applications and may need  to go back for more adjustments and tightening.

Ceramic Clear Braces
These are very much alike to the metal braces, if we look at the initial procedure of application and tightening. But these brace brackets are clear and transparent adhesive and ligatures are used her to hold them in place. These braces are almost impossibly to notice.
Invisible Braces
These braces are not recommended for children with baby teeth still. The braces here are fixed to the back side of the teeth. The dentist makes use of computer aided design and custom molds of the teeth to get the current state of the teeth as well as the desired movement. The Invisible Braces are also the most expensive of the lot.
This system works more like retainers and lesser like the traditional braces.  At each stage of the treatment, Clear Plastic Molds are designed to encourage right teeth movement. A new set of molds are produced at the end of the month to design the next stage of treatment. The benefit of this treatment is that the patient’s appearance does not get altered at any stage during treatment. The only downside is the costs as this treatment is about 25% more expensive than the traditional treatments.
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