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A Partial is ideal for someone who only have a few missing teeth, surrounded by remaining natural teeth.  The partials will attach to the natural teeth and stay in place with clasps.  There are 3 types of available partials and most partial procedures are covered by insurance.

Cast Metal Partials: One of the most stable partials.  The cast metal partial is held in place with clasps.  Cast metal partial dentures are very durable and will last a long time.  This partial features a 1 year warranty.

Flexi Partial: This type of partial is made of flexible valplasr and is metal free.  It offers a more natural appearance.  This partial features a 2 year warranty.

Combi Flex Partial:  (One of the more popular partials)
An alternative to either cast metal or plastic partial dentures is a combination of both materials.  The combination of metal and plastic work together to create more flexibility and a more natural appearance.  This partial features a 2 year warranty.

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What a difference it makes having a dentist that sympathizes with their patients. I've always been afraid of the dentist until Dr. Dickey. The whole staff made me feel comfortable. Thanks La Puente Dental Center.
Chrissie Smith