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Dental Bonding is a method that is simpler and gentler on the teeth and makes small, cosmetic changes on the front of a tooth. The dentists make use of bonding to repair flaws, cracks and chips in teeth as well as whiten them The procedure makes use of resin which is tooth-colored and a plastic like material, and is toughened with a particular light. The applied material bonds to the tooth to improve its look and enhance the smile of the person. This is a great alternative to those lengthy cosmetic procedures. However, dental procedure like veneers offers much more long lasting results.

Let us take a look at different cases when Dental bonding can be considered.

  1. Mend decayed teeth and fill the cavities
  2. Change the shape of teeth
  3. Repair cracked and chipped teeth
  4. Make teeth look longer
  5. Work on the discolored teeth
  6. Fill any gaps and spaces between teeth
  7. A great alternative to amalgam fillings
  8. Offer protection to the tooth’s root when gums recede


Benefits of Dental bonding

One of the first major advantages of Dental bonding is that it is a simple procedure, easy to perform and least expensive too as compared to other dental procedures. Moreover, one needs to make one dental visit to get the treatment unless and until several teeth are involved. Another benefit is that the dentist will remove least amount of tooth enamel as compared to crowns and veneers. Also, there is no need for the anesthesia unless dental bonding is used for filling up a cavity.

Disadvantages of Dental bonding

The material that is used in dental bonding is not completely stain resistant. Moreover, the bonding material in not long lasting as it is not as strong as compared to other curative measures such as veneers, crowns, or fillings. Moreover, it can break and chip off with time.

As there are limitations in dental bonding, it is recommended for minor cosmetic changes, and temporary correction of cosmetic imperfections. The dentists use bonding for those areas with very low bite pressure. Other procedures like crowns and veneers are longer lasting, stronger and more resistant to stains. The whole process may take about 30 to 60 minutes for working on one tooth. One needs to make some preparation in advance for dental bonding. Consult your dentist for the best approach to take care of your oral problems.

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